With a body temperature of more than 40°C, birds have a very high calorie consumption. The harsher the winter, the quicker the birds will burn through their fat reserves and need additional food.


In cold spells, feeders are extremely popular. They often look very fashionable and will suit every garden.

What to feed the birds in your garden?

There are different types of bird food:

  • Grain mix
    Birds love all kinds of grains and seeds, so make sure to offer a wide range of different types. Sunflower seeds are particularly useful, since they give birds strong, thick, shiny feathers.
  • Fruit waste
    If you have any fruit scraps, simply feed them to the birds! Our feathered friends will devour them gladly. Apples are very rich in vitamins and a special favourite.
  • Fat balls
    This is perhaps the most common way of feeding tits, sparrows, robins and many other birds. The fats improve the birds’ resistance and energy.
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Place a shallow dish in a sheltered spot in your garden and pour in some clean water. Add nothing else. Some people use antifreeze, sugar or salt to prevent the water from freezing, but this is harmful to the birds. Do not use any iron or metal trays, as this may cause the birds’ feet to stick to the frozen tray.

Make sure the birds can drink from the tray, but they should not be able to bathe in it, as this could freeze their feathers and restrict their movements.