Nematodes kill insects. They are living, insect-parasitic organisms. With a microscope, you can see that nematodes are actually roundworms. Insect-parasitic nematodes that are used in the garden are species-specific, so using the wrong type of nematodes to fight a specific pest will result in disappointment.

Pheromones lure harmful insects into a trap.

Plants and insects attract each other through scent created by pheromones. Pheromones are molecules used by members of the same species to communicate through scent. Humans use certain pheromones to protect plants from specific insects. This also allows a reduction in conventional insecticides.

Pheromones have to be refrigerated before use. Once the pheromone trap has been set up, they become active.

DCM is our supplier of pheromones and nematodes.

DCM is an experienced organic fertiliser manufacturer specialising in soil fertility, natural plant nutrients and biodiversity. DCM Naturapy® is an accessible concept that offers sustainable solutions to resolve the garden problems of today and tomorrow.

The DCM Naturapy® range includes a selection of natural insect enemies from professional horticulture. It brings biological balance to the garden by organically tackling the most common pests, such as grubs, aphids, spider mites, Colorado beetles, vine weevils, fruit moths …

How does it work? How and where can I order DCM Naturapy® products?

Products with specific storage conditions will not be delivered immediately and will follow a separate procedure to guarantee the products’ quality and efficiency at all times. These are, after all, living organisms. Pheromones have a limited shelf life in their packaging.

How to order?

  1. You buy the (empty) packaging with a unique order code from us and you make sure you keep your purchase receipt.
  2. You enter the order code and your details on
  3. To collect your order, you present your purchase receipt to us.
  4. If you bought pupae and larvae, they need to be uses as soon as you arrive back home.

Orders placed on by Tuesday can be picked up in-store the following Saturday already.

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