Are you looking for a nice gift or a special item for your home decor?

Besides plants and flowers, we also stock beautiful vases, pots, lovely home decor pieces, special napkins, etc. in a modern and traditional style.


In December, we open every Sunday for the Christmas season. Come and take a leisurely stroll through our store and soak up the Christmas spirit with a drink. There is a great atmosphere and twinkling, sparkling lights everywhere. Find out about the latest trends for a lovely Christmas. We have different types of Christmas trees in various sizes. We also stock artificial Christmas trees, the latest Christmas decorations, candles and candlesticks, indoor and outdoor lights, Christmas arrangements, wreaths …


Lovely, fresh products to bring your balcony, garden and house to life.

Indoor and outdoor pots in vivid, bright colours, elegant vases … They are certainly worth a visit.

Easter, Mother’s Day, Secretary’s Day, Valentine’s Day … We have something for every occasion.


Finally, summer is here. Long, warm evenings and sunny days for everyone to enjoy … At the end of the school year, we also stock some lovely teacher gifts.


Now that most of the work in the garden is behind you, it is time to make the inside of your home extra special with flower arrangements in beautiful containers that can later be used as a bowl for fruit or floating candles …

In autumn we also carry some great gadgets for Halloween.