Flower arrangements: graveside arrangements and wreaths in memoriam

In memoriam

We will create your funeral flower arrangements exactly how you want them.

You can choose from wreaths, graveside flower arrangements and bouquets with or without a ribbon.

Visit our shop to see some examples.

If you are unable to come and see us, you can also place your order by email or fax. Make sure your message to us includes your requirements, preferences and budget. Please include the date and delivery address and if possible an indication of the time of the funeral.

All saints day

From the second week of October, you can also order graveside flower arrangements and chrysanthemums for All Saints’ Day (1 November) at our store.

At this time the shop will also sell ready-made flower arrangements you can take with you immediately.

If you wish, you can also choose from our extensive catalogue.

We will then create the flower arrangements by the delivery date and set aside your chrysanthemums for you.