Green plants are houseplants that do not bloom. Their leaves have a special shape or colour.

Forest plants, such as ferns, do not tolerate direct sunlight. Cacti, however, love being in the sun: the hotter, the better.

Most “green” plants are not that picky in terms of their position, as long as they are not directly in the sun.
Variegated varieties need more sunlight.
Water the plant moderately, once every 2 weeks during its growth period.

There is special plant food for green plants: liquid Substral for green plants.

Leaf shine spray gives the leaves of Ficus varieties some extra shine. This spray is not suitable for “hairy” leaves.
Every now and then you can water your houseplants with a sprayer or put them outside during a gentle rain shower.

Like flowering plants, not all green plants need the same amount of water. Their position and the temperature are also important.

Never water your plants when the soil is still wet.

If variegated leaves turn green, their surroundings are too dark. Spider mite can cause yellow leaves, falling leaves and brown leaf tips.

Our range also includes some “carnivorous plants”.

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