Plant collection: roses


In a container

Use good potting soil, possibly with TerraCottem soil improver for good water management.

In the open ground

Turn the soil to about 30 cm deep and mix in special soil improver for roses.
Add a generous amount of organic fertiliser.
Plant the bushes and water generously only once.
Any grafting points must stay above ground.


Check for insects all summer and treat your roses with fungicides preventively. Keep the roses free from weeds.


Spring pruning is done in March after the worst frost period.

Polyantha roses and floribunda roses
Remove all dry wood, crossing branches and weak shoots under the grafting points. Cut back sturdy branches to three bud eyes. Choose an outward-facing bud.
Add special rose fertiliser immediately after pruning and repeat this monthly.

Standard roses (polyanthas and floribundas)
Prune in the same way as normal polyanthas and floribundas. After all, they are the same roses grafted on to a stem.

Climbing roses
Leave the main branches alone. You may want to remove any troublesome branches or branches that can’t be tied in. After a few years, prune back the old branches to rejuvenate the plant.
To achieve young, floriferous main branches, cut back the side branches to about 20 cm.

Ground cover roses
Remove any troublesome and upright growing branches. Make sure not to prune too severely.

Shrub roses
Do not cut back too far.
Prune a few branches to keep the bush in check. If you have the space, you can allow them to expand.

Weeping standard roses
Pruning should mainly follow the nice round shape of the crown with the long, downward branches. Remove any dry wood.

Summer pruning
In summer, pruning consists of the removal of spent flowers.
Prune away more than just the old flower. Often about half the branch can be taken off as well. This gives you shorter, bushy shrubs and more vigorous growth and flowering.

Autumn pruning
Autumn pruning takes place in November.
Cut back all branches half way and remove old flowers and hips.
This will save you a lot of work next year.