Even the best maintained gardens are never far away from disease and pests.

Healthy, strong plants are less at risk of disease, but some conditions can’t be avoided. As always, prevention is better than cure. It is always best to take preventive action. One example is the fight against mildew: you can spray your shrub and climbing roses preventively to avoid serious damage in the future.

We stock indoor and outdoor plant protection by KB, Roundup and Edialux.

Which products offer protection?

Our range also includes the necessary plant protection equipment, such as a KB sprinkle bar for easy, accurate distribution, compression sprayers by brands such as Birchmeier …

Do not spray your plants on windy days. Also make sure you only spray plants that need to be treated.

Follow the safety rules closely at all times and stick to the prescribed dose.

If your tree or plant has a disease and you need advice, always bring an affected leaf or stem to the store. This makes it easier for us to recommend the right product.

Scotts distributes brands such as KB and Roundup and runs a garden website with useful tips about garden care and problems with your lawn, ornamental garden, vegetable garden, houseplants, balcony and patio plants:

The Edialux website offers tips and more information on mould, diseases, roses, etc.: