Seed & seedlings: flower seed

One colour or multiple colours…

Bring new colours to your garden every spring and summer.
Our range includes seeds for annual, biennial and perennial plants. Seeds for ornamental gardens, cut flowers and bedding plants.

Fancy a flower on your plate?
Not all flowers are edible. Always inquire about the name and background of the flower you want to use for your dish. For most flowers, only the petals are edible. The stems and leaves often taste bitter. Edible flowers grown in your own garden are safe, provided that no pesticides were used. It is also convenient to have fresh flowers on hand at all times. Only use undamaged flowers that are intact, not treated with pesticides and not affected by mould. It is best to use fresh flowers immediately, but you can also dry them and crush them like herbs for later use.

Examples of edible flowers:

  • Marigold has a spicy, peppery taste and is a good replacement for saffron in soup and rice dishes. A fresh marigold petal infusion gives pancakes and pastries a lovely colour.
  • The flowers of nasturtiums are tangy and spicy and excellent in fresh summer salads or with exotic fruit.
  • The flowers of the mint plant add freshness and are delicious with strawberries, fruit salads and crisp summer salads.
  • The flowers of the thyme plant are sweet and delicious with cottage cheese, brie, tomato dishes and ice cream desserts.

Aiming for the nostalgic beauty of a romantic bouquet of wild flowers in your garden?
We have the ideal solution: Meadow Mix by Somers.
This blend of 23 various wild flowers blooms at different times, so you get to enjoy your changing wild flower meadow in spring and summer.