Seed & seedlings: onion sets – shallots – garlic

Edible bulbs, some of the oldest vegetables and refined onions.

Onion sets
Onions are one of the first vegetables that can be planted as spring approaches.
Onion sets are planted in rows, with 25 cm between each row and 10 cm between each onion.
The onion set is pushed into the ground until the top is flush with the ground. The upper part of the onion set should remain visible.

Shallot sets
Growing shallots is not difficult. These small onion-like bulbs have a finer taste and are easy to store. You can plant your shallots from mid-February to mid-April in well-loosened soil. Shallot sets should be placed 15 cm apart, in rows 30 cm apart. Shallot bulbs should be picked when the foliage start to wither, fall over and die.