Seed & seedlings: vegetable seed

Mmm, home grown and delicious

Vegetables, peas, beans, herbs: you can sow them all.
We stock an extremely varied range.
Vegetables from your own patch are delicious and healthy.
Enjoy the delightful scents and delicious flavours of herbs on your balcony.

First you need to plan where you are going to plant which vegetables or herbs in your garden.
We stock all seeds by Somers. Visit for more information and an overview of the range.

Add a splash of colour and energy to your plate with “Orient Express”, a new range of cultivated, fast growing, tasty sprouts and microgreens: organic beetroot, red cabbage, lentils, alfalfa, leek, radish … You can have your own course of vitamins always on hand. The seed contains all the key properties of the grown vegetables. We also stock the sprouting trays you need for easy indoor growing.

If you are looking for peat pots, plant labels, cutting powder, seed trays … look no further.