Electric BBQ

A BBQ in the city? What do you mean it can’t be done?

Weber has light, compact BBQs that are perfect for city balconies, patios or small gardens. Weber tested the tenderness and flavour of their barbecued dishes and even professionals tasted no difference between dishes prepared on Weber electric, gas or charcoal BBQs.


You can get grilling right away: all you need to do is plug the BBQ into the outlet. The biggest advantage of a Weber electric BBQ is ease of use. The Weber Q series has infinite heat control for perfect temperature adjustment and accurate monitoring of how your dishes are being grilled. The convenient removable catch pan under the grill makes cleaning very easy. Various accessories are available for the Weber Q series to improve your BBQ experience even more.

The BBQ that will never bother your neighbours

Gas and charcoal grills are often not allowed or appreciated in the city. Sometimes this is even mentioned in the lease of your home. An electric BBQ is therefore the ideal solution for city dwellers. There are no embers and it is ready in no time, so there will be no inconvenience to your neighbours. And if you invite them round to sample some of your delicious jacket potatoes, chances are they may fall in love with it too …