Every fish species requires its own type of food.

No matter which type of fish you have in your pond, Velda’s wide range of fish food will ensure stable growth, beautiful colour patterns and optimal health. The food you give to your fish will depend on the species and the season.

Floating pellets are easily digestible and well liked by many types of pond fish, such as goldfish, orfes and carp species.

We also stock food for all species of sturgeons. This food has a high energy value and is developed specially to suit the sturgeon’s metabolism.

As sturgeons are bottom feeders, this type of fish food will sink to the bottom.

Food for koi and other valuable varieties of carp focuses on growth, colour intensity and optimal fish health and welfare.

The fish food is available in resealable bags or boxes.

Our range also includes the Velda automatic fish feeder, which is very convenient if you lead a busy life, when you go away on holiday or if you are simply a little forgetful …