There is a lot more to building a pond than just digging a hole and filling it with water.
We work with Velda for our pond accessories, such as pumps, maintenance products, filters, lamps …

Maintenance products

Pond test kits:
crystal clear water is the dream of every pond owner.
As the water’s composition may vary, it is advisable to test the water four times a year to prevent or resolve problems.
Soft pond water can easily get too acidic. Continuous rainfall will speed up this process. The water products in our range will help you achieve and maintain the right water parameters quickly and easily.

lends nature a helping hand to restore and maintain a biological balance in your garden pond.

Algae don’t care much about the right water quality or temperature and will grow in conditions that are near impossible for other micro-life and aquatic plants to grow in. Our range of natural algae killers includes the I-Tronic algae eliminator, UV lamps …

Filtration keeps the water clean and circulates it to provide enough oxygen.
Filter system: your choice of filter must be based on the volume of your pond.
If you want to buy a filter system, make sure to bring along the dimensions of your pond.
Pond pumps: pond pumps set your pond water in motion. The Velda pumps in our range have energy-efficient, durable motors with a high output and low power consumption.

Pond aerators:
Extra aeration is recommended for a healthy pond environment that fish and plants will thrive in. Particularly in the summer, when the water temperature rises, the water tends to lack oxygen and the fish will come up to the surface for air. Aeration also helps to prevent your pond from freezing over in winter. Pond aerators introduce oxygen to the water and release any harmful gases to the surface.

Velda and Wolf pond equipment
Our range also includes hand nets, cover nets, grippers …