Want to perk up your garden? Do you love birds and other animals? Are you fascinated by insects perhaps? Birdhouses, nesting boxes, feeding houses, insect hotels, wicker hedgehog houses, bird baths and bird food are all available in store.

We have two animal house suppliers: Esschert Design and WildLife Garden.


All bird species have their own nest box: we have one for swallows, one for blue tits and a slightly different one still for great tits … If you want to attract a robin to your garden, we also have a bird house specifically for robins.

Our range goes from very simple, white birdhouses to playful birdhouse and feeder combos.

One of our birdhouses by Wildlife Garden was modelled after traditional Swedish and Finnish homes.


Insect houses, such as beehives, bumblebee nest boxes and butterfly houses are a perfect way to attract insects into your garden. If you want to attract many different species to your garden in one fell swoop, an insect hotel is the perfect solution for your garden (see also Environment and nature). Insect hotels accommodate several insect species.

Squirrels, hedgehogs and bats are extraordinary, vulnerable animals. We stock special wicker hedgehog houses, squirrel houses and a perfect narrow house for bats.