Every Weber gas BBQ uses its patented Cooking System, which prevents flare-ups and ensures optimal heat control. Enjoy all the convenience and safety a BBQ owner would want and effortlessly create deliciously grilled dishes. Time and time again.

A BBQ with two or more separate burners (not just control knobs) allows you to control the heat better. BBQs with one burner do not offer the same heat distribution, which results in different temperatures on the cooking surface.

When food is grilling on a gas BBQ, its juices will drip down on the Flavorizer Bars and evaporate. This avoids flare-ups and spreads a wonderful aroma. Most manufacturers use lava rocks or ceramic briquettes to distribute the heat from the burners to the cooking surface. Fat dripping from the food will then gather on the lava rock or ceramic briquettes and cause flare-ups.

The best BBQs use a steel bar system (pioneered by Weber) that guides fat away from the burners into a funnel to avoid flare-ups.

There are 2 grilling methods:

Indirect method

This method is used for foods that need to be well done: a ham hock, roulade, poultry, game and meat with a high fat content, such as ribs and duck.

Direct method:

This method is used to retain the natural juices of the meat to keep it juicy and tender.

Extra convenience:

Optional side burners are used for preparing sauces and other dishes. Folding side tables offer extra space for food preparation.

We also stock the Weber gas canister, Cube and Calypso in our range.