Flame weeding finally puts an end to the uncomfortable, constant, painful plucking of weeds without the need for any chemicals.
A weed burner easily removes all weeds, unwanted growth and moss and is very flexible, especially in hard to reach areas, on outdoor stairs or patios.
Each Thermoflamm bio model has an automatic Piezo ignition mechanism for easy, safe use. No lighter or matches are required.


The weed burner is very easy to operate.

  • Slowly move the device over the weeds you wish to remove at a distance of about 3 cm.
  • The high temperatures will boil the sap of the plants’ cells: the cell walls will expand, crack open and dry out.
  • The plant may look unaffected immediately after the treatment, but it will dry out automatically within a few days. The effect will not be short-lived and the weeds will be removed in the long term.

For effective weed control, it is best to do your flame weeding in spring and early summer, when annual and multi-annual weeds start sprouting. It requires a lot more heat to kill large, mature plants, so you can save time and fuel by destroying the weeds when they are still young and tender.

To make your flame weeding more effective, it is advisable to repeat the treatment after 2 to 3 weeks. Burning annual weeds will kill the plant completely, but it will not stop multi-annual weeds from rising again, as it does not destroy their roots. The roots of multi-annual weeds will start to grow new shoots within a week. Additional treatments will eventually deplete the energy stored in the roots and the weed will die.


There are gas and electric weed burners, both of which we carry in our range.

Weed burners using gas cartridges weigh very little and can be used by anyone. We also stock the cartridges.

Weed burners with a larger gas canister do not use the same trigger/flow valve as the BBQ or patio heater.

We also stock the triggers for gas burners.


Weed Burners are portable gas torches that produce intense heat.

  • Never use the weed burner during extremely dry spells. It generates intense heat and can ignite even wet leaves.
  • The burner should never be used in strong wind.
  • Keep the flame well away from the hose and the gas canister (when using a large gas canister).
  • Although the weed burner’s handle will not get hot, the burner will stay hot for a long time after use. Always keep the weed burner away from people, animals and flammable materials.