An insect hotel is suitable for different insects and increases the biodiversity of the garden’s immediate environment.

Every part of the insect hotel accommodates other guests.

The tubes are a good place for solitary bees to lay their eggs. The section with vertical slots is made specifically for butterflies. On sunny days, the red brick in the insect hotel will get warm and act as a greenhouse and make the eggs hatch more quickly. The section with horizontal slots has openings specifically for ladybirds and lacewings. The part with round holes and the tubes under the roof are meant for solitary bees. The pinecones are an excellent place for earwigs and spiders to nest.

Large insects hotels offer shelter to beneficial insects, such as green lacewings, earwigs, wild bees, ladybirds and butterflies. These insects perform many tasks in our garden: they pollinate the plants and offer natural pest control.

Most insect hotels are for lots of different types of insects under one roof, but some cater for only one species: butterflies, bees, ladybirds …

Who doesn’t like the joyful fluttering of butterflies in the garden? We also sell butterfly nectar that will attract butterflies to your butterfly house. This butterfly feed is created specially for feeding butterflies in your garden. It contains sugar and small amounts of protein and vitamins and will lure butterflies to your garden. Nectar is particularly important for the females to produce eggs. Simply pour the nectar into the butterfly feeder bowl. It is lovely to observe the butterflies as they eat. Of course, you can also make your own attractant.

Bees are essential for the pollination of flowers and plants. A bee nesting block in the shape of a bee is a great way to attract bees in your garden.

You can lure bees to the bee nesting block with bee-friendly plants or by sowing a seed mixture of high and low flowers in a section of the garden.

Lacewings can be used to protect fruit and combat aphids and spider mites.