Before you create your new lawn, you need to ask yourself what kind of grass you want.

Besides ordinary grass, there is also slow-growing grass for a low maintenance lawn that requires less fertiliser, limited sprinkling and less mowing.

Your lawn should be sown from March-April to mid-October. If it doesn’t rain right after sowing, you must not forget to sprinkle the entire area.

When the grass has grown about 7 cm high, you can cut it for the first time. Make sure the blades of your lawnmower have been sharpened perfectly to avoid pulling out the young roots. Set your cutting height to about 4 cm. After this, you can cut the grass frequently, but never set the height to anything less than 2.5 cm.

When should you feed your lawn?

Early spring
Before the beginning of the growth period, in March, apply some spring fertiliser to encourage new growth and your lawn will soon be back in excellent green condition.

In April or May, use a slow release fertiliser, possibly combined with weed control to maintain healthy growth and a magnificent colour during the next months.

An additional application of fertiliser will ensure your lawn goes into winter in a healthy condition with a good root system.

Moss? Weeds?
Moss harms your lawn because it suffocates the grass and often causes brown patches.

Moss is caused by:

It is recommended to scarify/comb your lawn after moss control to remove any dead grass. You may then also wish to over seed.


5-step lawn renovation plan
  1. Lawns suffering from moss are best treated with Evergreen moss killer with lawn food, which can be applied from February to June and in September and October.
  2. Cut the grass as short as possible and collect the waste.
  3. Scarify in two directions and collect the waste. Grass clippings and moss form a thick layer that stops air, light and nutrients from getting to the roots.
  4. Over seed bare patches and cover with a thin layer of compost.
  5. The soil must be kept sufficiently moist until the grass sprouts. If the weather is dry, sprinkle gently.

A young, green lawn will cover your garden quite quickly, depending on the temperature. As soon as the lawn is about 7 cm is high, it should be mowed at about 38 mm.

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